25 Overrated Things in Japan

Japan is a beautiful country full of fun crazy and amazing places, people, and things but thanks to social media and people’s greed for money a lot of things tend to get exaggerated to make others jealous and to attract tourism. Here’s my list of 25 things that I have heard and read bout and even saw pictures and videos of on tv and various social apps but upon living here I found these things to not be quite as nice or fun. Please don’t twist my words! these things aren’t bad and I DO recommend that you experience all of these things but what I am saying is that it is quite simply overrated and not as great or enjoyable as it is made out to be. Sorry if I crushed your dreams (I swear I’m not trying to), but PLEASE still visit Japan and experience and see these things for yourself. Clearly I love Japan which is why I am still living here. No country is perfect and eventually we as humans get tired of everything at some point.

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