5 Shocking Celebrity Sex Tapes!

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When it comes to celebrities, sex tapes are never far from our minds! While some celebrities express horror on discovering there most intimate moments available for all to see on the internet some have positively embraced the exposure & exploited it for more fame!
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5) Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton’s 2004 One Night In Paris is one of the most successful celebrity sex tapes ever. Made with her then boyfriend Rick Solomon, Paris was a previously little known heiress & socialite. At the time of its release Paris stated she was out of it during it’s filming & didn’t know what she was doing. She has always said she didn’t receive a dime from the video but there’s no doubt that it helped catapult her into fame & fortune. These days Paris is a well known reality TV star, model, singer & fashion designer with a massive $100 million dollar net worth!

4) Pamela Anderson
Paving the way for celebrity sex tapes was Pamela Anderson’s home made sex tape with then husband Tommy Lee which was made during their 1995 honeymoon. Pamela’s sex tape was one of the first to be leaked on the internet in this way. The Lees sued the distribution company, Internet Entertainment Group & eventually entered into a confidential settlement with them & now the video is only available via subscriptions on certain websites. You would of thought after all of this Pamela would of learned a lesson, however in 2005 a short sex tape of herself & Poison singer Bret Michaels was released.

3) Verne Troyer
One of the most surprising sex tapes was of Verne Troyer & his former live in girlfriend Ranae Shrider. The 50 minute tape was released in June 2008 but what makes this more shocking is that this wasn’t a case of the footage falling into the wrong hands, Ranae herself actually worked with TMZ to leak the footage onto the internet. Ranae went on to participate in multiple interviews regarding the sex tape and was quoted as saying that ‘Verne wasn’t short of sexy skills & tried his hardest to to make up in technique what he lacked in size’ Verne wasn’t prepared to let the matter lie & attempted to sue TMZ, Ranae & those behind the leak. The lawsuit was eventually dropped & all parties signed agreements which stated the sex tape would not be made public without prior approval from Verne.

2) Farrah Abraham
Farrah first came to the medias attention back in 2009 when she appeared on MTVs 16 & Pregnant. Later that year she was cast in the spin off series Teen Mom. So it was somewhat of a surprise to see her pop up in the 2013 sex tape – BackDoor Teen Mom alongside famous porn star James Deen. It was initially marketed as a leaked sex tape however according to James, himself & Farrah were both paid to make the video with Farrah selling the tape to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 million. Her 2013 sex tape made her the most searched for celebrity on Google. Farrah publically claimed that she regretted the tape so in 2014 Vivid released a follow up tape called Farrah2 Backdoor & More in which they claimed the public could see the ‘real’ Farrah.

1) Kim Kardashian
No celebrity sex tape list would be complete with out including Kim Kardashian’s offering. Filmed in 2007 featuring her then boyfriend Ray J, her sex tape launched Kim & the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family into the spotlight. Kim has always been proud of herself for being business minded & it was no different here. She struck a deal with the rights holders therefore earning herself an eye watering $3 million from the 39 minute video. Kim has come a long way since her sex tape, now married to rap artist Kanye West with 2 children, Kim has made a huge success of herself with multiple businesses to her name ranging from her own emojis to the successful D-A-S-H boutiques which she owns alongside her sisters. Not to bad considering she started her career off as stylist to Paris Hilton!