After Film School – Feature Film

After Film School is a dark, comedy mockumentary Feature Film (Full Movie) about a group of young film school graduates attempting to create the most offensive film of all time.

Before Adam Baxter knocked up Rita in ‘Inconceivable (LGBTQ Web Series)’ he was a 22 year old motivated filmmaker that wasn’t afraid to offend people off in this comedy High School Shooting Musical Comedy. (This film has also gone by the title Shooting The Musical)

The first narrative feature film directed & written by Joel Ashton McCarthy is being released July 14th (Why Does God Hate Me?, Inconceivable, Average Dicks, Taking My Parents to Burning Man) on iTunes and Vimeo.

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Directed & Written by
Joel Ashton McCarthy

Produced by
Sophia Dagher
Lana Otoya

Bruce Novakowski (Inconceivable / Average Dicks)
Chris Walters
Rebecca Strom
Lisa Ovies (Puppet Killer)
Rory W. Tucker
Casey Margolis (Super Bad)
Gigi Saul Guerrero (Luchagore Productions)
Dayna Mahannah (Mop King)
Lee Shorten (The Man in High Castle)
Jeremy Leroux (Supernatural)