Best Tips for Female Fitness

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Health and Fitness are the foundations of human life. Our body functions best when it is physically conditioned for exercise and our mind functions best when it receives the nutrition it needs. Sleep, Water, Sugar and Exercise are the pillars of life.

To achieve a healthy, lean and fit body, follow a vegan high carb low fat diet and get a bike.

Consume at least 2500+ calories DAILY. Every cell in the human body runs on sugar/carbohydrate.

If you gain weight on this lifestyle, it is because you are recovering from metabolic damage. Everyone who stays on this lifestyle long term will get lean.

Cycling is the best sport for leaning out and getting fit. Get a decent road bike. Get a proper fit on your road bike. Ride at talking pace.

Through following teachings of books such as the Food Revolution, Skinny Bitch, 80-10-10, born to run, The China Study, The Pleasure Trap, Carb the Fuck up, Go Fruit Yourself, etc.. From People like Durianrider, Freelee, Dr. McDougall.. I’ve learned many truths about health and fitness that are hidden from the public eye.