Comic Relief – Amateur Comedy – Rambling Verbal Riff

Kapow! I’ve got some jazzy glasses to wear out in public to protect me from humiliation. What fashion statement are you making? And what about your social life? My guy and I are about to have an outdoor party, under the stars beside a fire, and grounded on the earth. Ooo la la. Now that’s living. I love my life. I love being a child of the Goddess. I love being alive because she imagined me. What a grand designer! The tampering that was done to humans was MINOR. They did not take away your abilities. They did not take away your supernatural powers. You did that to yourselves. Granted there were mortal ramifications for noncompliance. Physical harm was done, and killings, of course. Always killings. Enough said. Now’s your chance to return to your intended blueprint. Mama’s awake, has agency, and is correcting things.
OPERATION MEDUSA us underway. Hmmm. Med.USA. I wonder . . .

SCA instruction: That link takes you to my video, and below that you will find links to JLL’s instructions.
Game on! Making your own SCA:
Shortened lesson from JLL with links to all of the SCA instructions:

Concurrently I am writing two books. Information on that will be forthcoming on my Patreon page. Patreon search: Kat Woodland (It may not be up and running yet as it is time consuming to set up, and we have all of THIS going on!)

My two books in the works:
“Les Girls – An Erotic Tale”
“Daddy Jack’s Blue Note”

I am a writer. I am human. I dance. My videos are raw discussions about our history, alien-implanted religions, my take on life, our Mother Earth, sex and sexuality. I touch upon HOT TOPICS, with my firsthand knowledge of the adult entertainment industry – (That’s how I got through college) I’m uniquely postured to have candid discussions about all kinds of things. Penis myths and poor women have it pretty damn hard out there everyone. Pretty women do have it easier, let’s admit it. My books: “Les Girls” and “Daddy Jack’s” are based on my real life experience as first, an entertainer in the peep show, providing visual phone sex, then as a gogo dancer & stripper on a stage. I loved the dancing! I was in such wonderful shape! Dancing does that. Anyway, strippers are often offered money for sex and some accept. As a result, it’s assumed all strippers do. Not so. Hustler magazine offered me 5K to pose nude, and I said “No.” Dumb. Ladies do it for free nowadays. Let’s connect here on the “tube,” human to human. Bots don’t like sex. SUB & RING my BELL! Thank you!

This I know. A book of at least 40,000 words begins with one word.