Livietta – Amateur (Official Music Video)

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Every girl I walk away from is my pride
And every city that I try to run is mine
I’ll always take a chance to ruin both our lives

No, I don’t care what is going on
I didn’t think it was so wrong

But I
Wonder what you can teach me
I want to hear what I don’t know
I don’t know

Now every girl I ever loved will be my ghost
And every city where I cried I now watch burn
I’m having trouble taking off this stupid shirt

That ties me to a chair of blood
Of those whose names I don’t even know
And Yes, I care what is going on
I’ll never think I’m strong enough

But I
Wonder if you can reach me
I want to be held by the one I love
What I love is cold
What I love is cold as lead

On top of the mountain
The vegetation is low
I sit behind you, so close
I can smell your bones
Running my fingers
Through the pearls that grow
On the back of your neck
They glow
A hair so soft, it makes me forget
That my power is the size of a sad
A sad grain of sand cut in half
Then in half, then in half
Then in half again

Directed by Livietta

Director of Photography: Renato Rassan
Production: Livietta, Confector & 99 Possibilities
Assistants: Flamarion & João Bourget
Makeup: Sofia Ramos
Edit: Renato Rassan

Special thanks to Leo Ost & Lucas Medina

Music video by Livietta performing “Amateur” © 2019 Livietta