ONE NiGHT iN PARiS HiLTON Video Review

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The video review of 1 Night in Paris sex movie starring Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon was reviewed by Mervyn E. Skilton in July 2007..

1 Night in Paris is the film that put Hilton heiress, Paris Whitney Hilton on the world map of fame in December 2003, when the sex tape of her at 22 years old, and her 35 year old boyfriend Rick “The Dick” Salomon appearing on the internet, only 1 week prior to the debut of the reality series that was to kick start Paris’ acting career, The Simple Life, causing a media frenzy across the world. The film features the world’s most famous American socialite, Miss Paris Hilton, filmed on the exclusive private footage of Rick Salomon, which has now become the world’s most famous reality sex scene, filmed one hot and steamy night in a Las Vegas Hotel in 2003. This video cannot be compared to any scripted movie, as it is an amateur home video, without fake script orgasms and bad script acting, only real life fake orgasms on behalf of Paris who looks like she’d rather be shopping with Nicole Ritchie.

The cinematography captures Paris from more angles than a Japanese tourist with 6 cameras. Rick The Dick and Paris appear to recreate a scene from the classic movie King Kong, where Paris climbs and grapples with Rick’s Eiffel Tower, that resembles the leaning Tower of Pisa, and then tries to devour the tower of power. Rick The Dick is completely shaved downstairs for the real modern day porn star look, as with Paris also sporting a neatly manicured Brazilian.

Paris Hilton appears more attractive on the sex tape than in her media shots, as she is seen for the first time being herself instead of thinking that she’d have an audience watching, how ironic.
Rick The Dick Salomon sued Miss Paris Whitney Hilton for defamation, when Paris claimed publicly that she was “out of it” and didn’t know what she was doing during the taping of the video, but video evidence showed that she looked “out of it” in everyday life. Paris Hilton then sued Salomon over the release of the tape, settling out of court in July 2005, and awarded about $400,000, but claimed she never received money from the sex video, and that It’s all just dirty money and Rick The Dick should give it all to a charity like Sexually Abused Celebrities Caught on Tape or something..

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