police hunt man now known as chester stiles for raping 4yo

Sep 25, 2007 Authorities in Nevada were trying Tuesday to find a girl believed to be 4 or 5 years old and a man seen performing explicit sexual acts on her in an amateur videotape that detectives were told was found in the desert.

“The problem is the unknowns,” said Nye County sheriff’s Detective David Boruchowitz, who said he hoped widespread national attention would identify the girl and the man.

“We have no idea where he’s from, where she’s from, and no idea who they are or where they are,” Boruchowitz said in a telephone interview from the sheriff’s office in Pahrump, 60 miles west of Las Vegas.

The tape, a little longer than 30 minutes, clearly shows the adult man performing criminal sexual acts that Boruchowitz said included rape, “everything else, and then some.”

A 26-year-old Pahrump man, Darren Tuck, surrendered the tape to Nye County sheriff’s investigators Sept. 8, after another man reported seeing it, Boruchowitz said.

Tuck told detectives he found the videotape in the desert outside Pahrump more than five months ago, although Boruchowitz said the tape didn’t appear to have been exposed to weather or elements.

“Our concern is to get her out of the nightmare that she’s been living in.”

Follow up… the man abusing the girl in the video is Chester Authur Stiles seen in another of my videos in court for this offence