Quaran-Tea | Q&A with an escort ! Part 2!

Hello and welcome to the world of an Escort !

About this video:
I answer questions that were asked of the general public .

About me:
My name is Sasha Benjamin and I have quite the story to tell ! Follow me on my journey through the world of sec work (:

Why Youtube?:
Well, my life is interesting and unorthodox in comparison to most. I’m far from vanilla, with a natural outspoken personality, so this place suits me well. My profession is the oldest in history , yet so little people know exactly what happens in it. There are tons of movies and news articles about what I do, and alot of it is dramatized, inaccurate information or made to seem like my job is horrible and wrong. I love what I do and because of that, I’m here to give you all an inside look. I want to help stop the negative stigma surrounding my industry.

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Instagram: sashabenjaminxx
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