SBP: Exact solution of an integrable particle system – Cristian Giardina

Seminário Brasileiro de Probabilidade
Palestrante: Cristian Giardina, University of Modena
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Resumo: We consider the family of boundary-driven models introduced in [FGK] and show they can be solved exactly, i.e. the correlations functions and the non-equilibrium steady-state have a closed-form expression. The solution relies on probabilistic arguments and techniques inspired by integrable systems. As in the context of bulk-driven systems (scaling to KPZ), it is obtained in two steps: i) the introduction of a dual process; ii) the solution of the dual dynamics by Bethe ansatz. For boundary-driven systems, a general by-product of duality is the existence of a direct mapping (a conjugation) between the generator of the non-equilibrium process and the generator of the associated reversible equilibrium process. Macroscopically, this mapping was observed years ago by Tailleur, Kurchan and Lecomte in the context of the Macroscopic Fluctuation Theory.

[FGK] R. Frassek, C. Giardinà, J. Kurchan,
Non-compact quantum spin chains as integrable stochastic particle processes,
Journal of Statistical Physics 180, 366-397 (2020)

– Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa
– Unicamp
– Universidade do Porto

Comitê científico:
– Luiz Renato Fontes (USP)
– Tertuliano Franco (UFBA)
– Nancy Lopes Garcia (Unicamp)
– Patrícia Gonçalves (IST, Lisboa)
– Marcelo Hilário (UFMG)
– Roberto Imbuzeiro (Coordenador, IMPA)
– Claudio Landim (Coordenador, IMPA)
– Adriana Neumann (UFRGS)
– Serguei Popov (UP, Porto)
– Glauco Valle (UFRJ)

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