Should Marijuana Be A Legal Medicine? | Live Well For Longer S1 EP1 | Tonic

In this accessible, fun and informative series, Kate Quilton and Dr. Tamal Ray take a new look at some of the health topics we all want to know more about. Full of eye-grabbing items such as the male contraceptive and a hangover-free alcohol replacement, each episode is themed with a large experiment at the heart. In episode one, which is all about sex, drugs and alcohol – they discover whether a month off the booze can help our health in any significant way, while in the final episode, about diet and gut bacteria, they find out if a group of volunteers can significantly improve their gut microbes by changing to a specialised diet. While Kate and Tamal explore the latest that science can offer, investigative reporter Morland Sanders wrestles with controversial wellbeing topics such as medical marijuana, smart drugs, biohacking and online DNA testing kits.
Tonic gives you a dose of health and beauty tips, delicious recipes, workouts, exercises, and professional advice on how to lead a fun, healthy and stress free life.

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