Spot Mob #2: Herriman, Utah skatepark

a ripe bunch of grapes

its decent, not the best, not the worst haha R.I.P. Chuck Shuldiner sk8, 360 Flip, 360 shuv-it, pop shuv-it, shuv-it, 5-0, 50-50, 50-50, Switch, Out, Backside Lipslide, Backside Nosegrind, Backside Tailslide, Bluntslide, Boardslide, Frontside Boardslide, Frontside Boardslide to Shovit Out, Frontside Laidback Powerslide, Half cab, Hardflip, Heelflip, K-grind, Kickflip, Kickflip to Noseslide, Crooked Grind, 540, Fakie Kickflip, Manual, Nollie Crooked Grind, 360 shuv-it, 900, Nollie Flip, Nosebone, Boneless, Nosegrind Nollie Flip Out, Noseslide Nollie Tre Flip Out, Ollie, Boned Ollie, Pop Shovit, Salad Grind, Streetplant, Smith, Front Feeble, Back Feeble, Switch 50-50, Nollie 50-50, Impossibe Body Varial, 360 Body Varial, Gazelle Flip, Bigspin Flip, Primo 360 Flip, Nollie Bigspin Heelflip, Rodney Mullen, Best Skate Video Ever, Tailslide to Kickflip, DC, Etnies, Adio, Baker, Deathwish, Zero or Die, Darkstar, Deck, Truck, Bearing, Wheels, Fast, Death, Almost, Element, Mike Vallely, Chad Muska, Tony Hawk, Transworld, Mike Mo Capaldi, Magazine, EA, Game, Xbox360, Pressure Flip Late FS Shuv-it, Siyoun Spin, FS Heelflip, 360 Flip, 360 Hospital Flip, No-Comply Impossible Late Flip, BS 180, Nollie Pressure 1/2 Flip Late Back Foot 1/2 flip BS Body Varial, Youtube, Switch FS Bigspin, El Toro, 20 Stair, Fakie Ollie, Double Flip, Triple Flip, Quadruple Flip, Twenty Stair, 21/Twenty One Stair, Billy Marks, Guitar Hero III, Through The Fire And Flames, Expert, 100%, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Cool, Andrew Reynolds, Overcrook, Coolio, Time, And Now, Ty Evans, Why, Santa Clause, Switch Tre Flip, Vert, Street, Box, Tranny, Hubba, Rail, Flatbar, Bank, Loop, Bump, Bump to Bar, Polejam, Powerslide, Boardslide Heelflip Out, FS Boardslide Kickflip Out, Chill, Chilling, Chillaxing, Hippie, Jump, Hop, No Comply, Step Hop, 43, Backside Double Flip, Backside 360, Melon, Indy, Tuck Knee, Judo, Madonna, Indy Flip, Indiana Jones, Halo 3, III, Headshot, 2 for 1, 3 for 1, 4 for 1, Overkill, Triple Kill, Double Kill, Ricochet, Snipe, BR, Dual, Shotty, Shotgun, Call of Duty III – Modern Warfare, Rock Band, Ownage, Facebook, Myspace, Police, Cops, Go Skateboarding Day, June 21st, 2008, Future, Cops VS. Skaters, Battle, Fight, Stair, Steps, 720 Flip prank walmart intercom fun KHS kingshighschool kings king’s humor crazy insane target recorder Skat Man porn el toro boobs love gap fuck sex hardcore anal ollie kickflip pop shuvit varial varial heel tre flip front 360 back 360 utha new mexico arizona colorado sex porn skateboarding good times marijuana death iron maiden megadeath cell phones myspace justice goble gay funny stupid song hate love italy usa one legged skateboarder one eye killed hurt bails extreme falls bmx skating ran over ryan sheckler greg lutzka adam dyet